Man sentenced in La Crosse County child abuse case

Robert Schmidt says incident was an accident, asks for forgiveness

A Coon Valley father will spend time in jail for injuring his 8-month-old daughter’s head in 2013.

A judge sentenced 23-year-old Robert Schmidt to 18 months in jail for child abuse. There will also be two years of extended supervision.

Schmidt admitted to investigators that he hit the baby on the forehead with his elbow when he rolled over to check on her. He said it was an accident.

On January 5, Schmidt pleaded guilty to child abuse-reckless probab./great harm and resisting or obstructing an officer. July 14, 2013 was the offense date for both charges.

“I never intend to harm my daughter on purpose,” Schmidt said during his sentencing on Friday in La Crosse County court.

“I just ask for the court for their forgiveness on this case,” Schmidt continued. “Yes, I know I was wrong and it was something that shouldn’t have happened but accidents, as they say, accidents do happen, but I can see how this – some people see it as more than just an accident on the case.”

Doctors do not expect the child to have any permanent brain damage, though the indentation is still present. Schmidt said he was concerned about the mental ramifications his daughter will have to go through with the indentation on her forehead.