Man steals Ferrari, arrested when asking for gas money

A man who was on the run after stealing a $300,000 Ferrari was arrested when police found him soliciting people for gas money.

The Los Angeles Times reports Israel Perez Rangel, 38, walked into the Ferrari & Maserati of Newport Beach and stole the Ferrari 458 Spider while it was parked in the service center Oct. 19. Security footage reportedly shows the man wearing a Ferrari jacket, looking in a few car windows and then driving off. The newspaper reports an employee had left the key on the passenger seat.

Israel was eventually apprehended by police when they approached him at a gas station where he was asking for gas money. The car appeared to be in rough shape, having “cracked fins, a destroyed gearbox, emblems torn for the engine and body and missing paddle shifters and vomit caked on the side.”

Israel is facing several charges including vehicle theft with a prior felony conviction of driving or taking a vehicle, grand theft auto with a prior conviction and vandalism.

The owner of the car, Susan Friedman, used her insurance money to buy a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan.

“I love it,” Friedman said. “It’s unbelievable.”