Marathon race course comes up short

Runners in the 2017 PNC Milwaukee Marathon won’t be able to use their times to qualify for USA Track & Field race events, a report from WTMJ said.

The course ran about 4,200 feet too short, organizers said.

Chad Antcliff, race director, said in a statement, “Misinterpretation of the route certification map caused the turnaround on the Hank Aaron State Trail to be set in the incorrect spot, causing the route to be approximately 4200′ short.”

Jennifer Forkenbrock of Kansas, who ran the marathon, told WISN TV the first issue came up around the third mile.

“I was running with a 3:25 pace group and kind of everybody was like, ‘These miles are a little off,'” she said.

Forkenbrock said her GPS tracker was about a half-mile short at the finish line.

“For my husband and I, our goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states, so we’re both like, ‘Well, we really can’t count this one,'” Forkenbrock said.

This isn’t the first time the race has had distance issues. In 2016, the course was measured too long so all marathon runners went beyond the 26.2-mile distance by at least a half-mile or more, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.