Marsy’s Law advocates educate Trempealeau County residents Sunday

ARCADIA, Wis. (WKBT) – Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin hosted a Trempealeau County community outreach event on Sunday. Trempealeau County’s District Attorney and New Horizons Legal advocates spoke today.

The event was aimed to educate county residents about their rights under Wisconsin’s recently adopted crime victims rights amendment, known as Marsy’s Law. Speakers from each organization presented information on the new constitutional amendment and resources available to area residents.

“Since Marcy’s Law passed last year we really elevated that to strengthen and award additional rights to victims of crime and make them constitutional,”  said Nela Kalpic, director of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin outreach.

The Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin outreach director said they came to Trempealeau County because they care about their safety and just want to make sure citizens are educated.