Mary Burke pushes for La Crosse residents to vote early

Higher voter turnout may be deciding factor as race is polled in a dead heat

The democratic hopeful for Wisconsin governor is hoping people in our area get to the polls early.

Mary Burke rallied at the La Crosse County Democrats Office this afternoon before supporters headed off to city hall to vote in person absentee.

Burke voted early in Madison Tuesday.

Both Republicans and Democrats are pushing voters to cast an early ballot in a race that has consistently polled in a dead heat.

“It’s certainly about the lagging economy, but also about the contrast between governor walker and myself and education. He has my the largest cuts to public education in his first budget in the entire country,” said Burke.

“Actions speak louder than words. My opponents actions were that she failed to stick up and speak out at that time when she had a front row seat and could have made a difference, and now she’s trying to revise history,” said Governor Scott Walker.

Early voting ends next Friday.

Election Day is November fourth.