May Top Notch Teacher: Trempealeau’s Lindsay Bagniewski

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TREMPEALEAU, Wis. (WKBT)- Teachers are going to great lengths to keep their students healthy during the pandemic, while at the same time keeping up with all of their other classroom duties. 

Trempealeau Elementary School teacher Lindsay Bagniewski is going even further above and beyond, adding integrity and a lot of humor.  She is the May “Top Notch Teacher.”

Masks and plexiglass go a long way toward preventing the spread of coronavirus, but Bagniewski wants her second-graders to catch one thing; a love of learning. “I’m excited to see where they go with that. Hopefully changing the world,” says Bagniewski.

Ten years into her career, Bagniewski — like teachers all over the world — had to throw out her lesson plans, first to teach all virtually, and then again, for hybrid leaning. Most of Bagnieski’s students are back in the classroom, but a handful chose to continue learning from home. Every day she works to find new ways to connect with both.

“Making learning at home feel like it’s in the classroom cause that’s where the kids want to be and that’s where I wanted them to be- bringing joy, laughter, and love to those lessons,” Bagniewski says.

No matter the subject, laughter is a focus of this classroom curriculum. “Every time we got a math equation correct she would put on different clothing and at the end she would look super silly,” says second-grader Makinley Moritz. 

Other lessons include being your best self and finding the beauty and joy — in every situation. What Bagniewski calls flipping the script. “If they can take that skilland keep moving forward with it in their life, they’re going to go wonderful places,” she says.

Bagniewski hopes her students will remember all they learned while having fun  virtually and in the classroom. And, when they leave for the summer, their love of learning still be contagious. 

Education is a family affair. Bagniewski’s mom works in the Arcadia School District.