Mayo Clinic doctors want to help you live younger longer

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Mayo Clinic Health System wants to spread the word on how to live younger longer.

Doctors say that heart disease is a bigger threat than cancer for most people, and it’s important to make good choices to avoid health problems.

Five habits they recommend keeping healthy are your diet, your exercise, your stress, and your sleep. and lastly your weight.

Mayo Clinic says that only 1%  of the country has a healthy diet and it’s something everyone should work on.

“I tell patients all the time that it has been shown that even changing one bite of something like processed meat after a few years will lower your chance of a heart attack. Even one bite,” said Mayo Clinic Preventive Cardiologist, Stephen Kopecky.

Mayo Clinic also says that getting a healthy amount of sleep can impact almost every aspect of your life and it’s important to be sleeping.