Mayo Clinic Health System outsourcing 51 area jobs

Nearly 200 Mayo Clinic medical transcription jobs cut, 51 in southwest Wisconsin

Mayo Clinic Health System is outsourcing nearly 200 jobs, including 51 in southwest Wisconsin.

Mayo notified staff members Tuesday that it will be contracting all of its medical transcription to Amphion Medical Solutions, a Madison-based company.

“This was a very difficult decision,” Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare Chief Administrative Officer Joe Kruse said in a statement. “Our transcription staff produces high-quality work and has served our patients and our organization well. We will work with them individually every step of the way to help them fully understand their options and ease the transition as much as we can.”

Transcriptionists take dictation from health care providers and convert them into written reports, and also review reports generated by speech recognition technology.

Mayo says working with outside transcription companies is common in the health care field, and Amphion Medical Solutions already provided some transcription services for the organization.

“Moving to an expanded partnership with a specialized transcription provider allows Mayo Clinic Health System to focus resources on providing patient care,” Kruse added in his statement.

Mayo expects to cut its transcription costs by 40% with the move. Full transfer of the services to Amphion should be complete by November 1.

Affected Mayo employees may have the opportunity to be reassigned to other vacancies if they are qualified for the opening. Amphion is also offering to take on the transcriptionists. Any employee leaving Mayo Clinic Health System will be eligible for a severance package.

The announcement comes a year after Mayo cut 82 transcription jobs in southeast Minnesota.