Mayo lighting event to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse will light its Cancer and Surgery Center on West Avenue in pink the evening of Friday, Oct. 16, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was first observed in the U.S. in 1985. It is an international initiative to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for research, education and treatment. In 1993, President Bill Clinton declared the third Friday in October each year to be National Mammography Day. On this day, and throughout the month, women are encouraged to make a mammography appointment to safeguard their health.

“About 250,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with nearly 40,000 women dying from the disease annually,” says Amy Lloyd, M.D., surgeon at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse “Detecting breast cancer early is key to the best possible outcomes. Although prognosis and detection have improved in recent years, awareness, healthy lifestyle choices and screenings are still vital to reducing the effects of breast cancer.”

The Mayo campus lighting program recognizes significant local and national events, and brings attention to health-related causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Mammography Day. For more information, contact Community Engagement.