Mayoral candidate pledges to donate part of salary if elected

One La Crosse mayoral candidate says he will donate part of his salary if elected.

Chris Olson says he’s prepared to donate 10% of his wages to a local program. The mayor makes about $77,000 a year which means about 7,700 would be donated.

Olson is letting people vote on his Facebook page between the Hunger Task Force, the warming shelter, the Salvation Army or local housing revitalization.

He says the city needs to place more of a focus on programs like these. “We’re one of the highest taxed cities in the state and yet we’re the second highest at poverty level, we need to improve on these situtations, and I’d like to do my part by offering 10% of my salary,” said Olson.

Olson is challenging the other candidates to do the same thing.

He will decide which program gets the donation after the election, if he wins.