‘Meth bedroom’ helps parents identify signs of drug use

School officials and police officers in northwestern Wisconsin are using a mockup of a teenager’s bedroom to help parents identify where their children could hide drugs, the Associated Press reported.

Displayed recently at parent-teacher conferences at North High School in Eau Claire, the faux bedroom included a twin-sized bed, stuffed animals, beverage cans and other items that might be typically found in a teenager’s bedroom, the AP said.

Dubbed the “meth bedroom,” Eau Claire School District Superintendent Mary Ann Hardebeck hailed the display as an effective way to keep parents abreast of what their children are doing.

“It’s really a community effort to help families find and identify the signs of drug use, or let them know their kids could be involved in these dangerous activities,” Hardebeck told Eau Claire newspaper the Leader Telegram.

The meth bedroom included unique hiding spots, including a can of shaving cream with a false bottom, a knitted cap with a hidden pocket and a highlighter concealing a pipe.

“If parents and guardians know what they’re looking for, that’s the best prevention we can ask for with this population,” Eau Clair Police Department spokeswoman Bridget Coit told the Leader Telegram.

Though the most common drugs abused by teenagers are marijuana and prescription medications, methamphetamine use is on the rise, Coit said.