Meth Lab Discovered in Home with Children

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Several people are charged as the investigation continues into a meth lab found on La Crosse’s south side.

Authorities discovered one pound of liquid methamphetamine, worth tens of thousands of dollars, at a home on Farnam Street Monday.

A tip led officials to 1607 Farnam Street where an operating meth lab was found with children inside the home.

Police recovered multiple items used for manufacturing methamphetamine. There was also marijuana, cocaine and prescription pills.

Authorities say much of the drug paraphernalia and manufacturing tools were easily accessible to children.

The two adult residents of the home, Travis Johnson, 27, and Amber Johnson, 26, are being charged with possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and two counts of child neglect of their children who are ages three and five.

Four other arrests have been made in La Crosse County during the investigation: Cody Delao, age 23; Nicole Malin, age 31 of Genoa; Wade McLees, age 33 of Division Street, Stoddard; and Michelle Polus, age 27 of Edgewood Trailer Park, Highway 35, Genoa.

Police say the manufacturing method being used at this meth lab is new for the state of Wisconsin and it concerns them to have found it in the area.

“They say it’s a newer, easier way to manufacture methamphetamine. Other states have seen this procedure done. We just have not as of this time. They say it’s simpler and quicker and basically produces the same quality of methamphetamine as the other one,” said Fritz Leinfelder, Investigator with the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Dept.

Based on the materials found in the home investigators suspect the meth lab was in operation on a daily basis producing methamphetamine for the past three to four weeks.

La Crosse County is also working with the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department where two additional arrests have been made in connection to the meth lab. Angela Iverson-Davis, 31, and Chris Polus, 27, are booked on charges of Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine in connection with meth production in both the Genoa and Stoddard areas.