Middle schoolers clean up graffiti in La Crosse

Local seventh, eighth and ninth graders spent the day cleaning up graffiti in our community.

The kids grabbed rollers and brushes and painted over graffiti around La Crosse, including the bicycle and walking trail areas near Highway 16.

It was part of a partnership between the Boys and Girls Clubs and the La Crosse Police Department’s G.R.E.A.T (Gang Resistance Education and Training) officers. Officer Kurt Weaver says the program helps the kids do something positive for the city and take ownership in their community.

“It’s amazing to see when they come out because some of them maybe have known people who have done stuff like this and when they come out and graffiti bust and they get rid of it, it gives them ownership in the community to help keep the community looking nice and it gives them a sense of satisfaction knowing that they’re helping out making La Crosse a little bit nicer place to be,” Officer Weaver said.

The paint used in the graffiti busting program is donated by local businesses.