Minn. bus driver accused of forcing child to walk home

A Bemidji bus driver has resigned after allegedly dropping a 6-year-old a quarter mile from home in freezing temperatures as punishment.

According to Daryl Bohn and Amber Thayer, their younger son, Darrion, tried to disembark the bus after his 8-year-old brother was let off at their driveway Feb. 20.

They say the driver physically held Darrion back, driving a quarter mile and making him walk home as punishment for not following directions.

Thayer says tears were frozen to his face.

Bemidji School District Superintendent Jim Hess says the probationary driver resigned after the district started investigating.

Thayer tells the Bemidji Pioneer she’s filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Education.

The National Weather Service says the wind chill was about 1 degree in Bemidji at the time.