Minn. Dem Walz declares opposition to Syria strike

Democratic Rep. Tim Walz says he’s opposed to current proposals for U.S. military strikes in Syria.

The Minnesota 1st District congressman said in a statement Monday that he’s worried that plans for limited military action could result in a deeper involvement in another foreign conflict.

“While I believe the use of chemical weapons is despicable and the world must take action to ensure that cruel dictators are not allowed to use such weapons without repercussions, at this time I cannot in good conscience support current proposals to take unilateral, military action,” Rep. Walz said.

Walz, a former National Guard enlisted soldier, represents a district narrowly won last year by President Barack Obama. In the past two weeks, Representative Walz asked southern Minnesotans for their input, participated in a classified briefing in Washington, D.C., and studied proposals for intervention.

In August, Representative Walz joined over 100 of his colleagues in sending President Obama a letter urging him to consult with Congress before taking military action in Syria.