Minnesota DOT installs anti-human trafficking posters at rest stops

Minnesota third in the country for human trafficki

Posters across Minnesota rest stops are targeting human trafficking in the state.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation began installing the posters in 41 rest areas to educate travelers about human trafficking. The posters also encourage people to report suspicious activities to law enforcement.

The posters include how to recognize signs of human trafficking and potential victims and a toll-free hotline to report any suspicious behaviors.

DOT leaders say increasing awareness can help combat human trafficking.

“We have all these people that are coming in to our rest areas, our welcome centers. We have trained staff here. It just seemed that one of the ways to counter human trafficking is putting more eyeballs, casting that spotlight on them,” said Minnesota Department of Transportation District 6 Public Affairs Coordinator Mike Dougherty.

According to the FBI, Minnesota has the third highest rate of human trafficking in the nation. The Twin Cities is also among the top 13 U.S. cities with the highest rates of child prostitution.