Missing Brice Prairie man declared dead

Dave Schroeder was missing for 2 years

It’s been two years since a Brice Prairie man walked away from his home and went missing.

Family members are still looking for closure.

Dave Schroeder left his home, wife, and three kids in the afternoon on September 22 two years ago. He also left his keys, wallet, and phone behind. Any leads investigators have come up with have found no answers.

Schroeder had diabetes and other health problems so doctors believe he couldn’t have lived long without his medicine. The family had Schroeder declared dead in March so they could collect his life insurance.

His wife stays home with their son who is disabled and been in the hospital 11 times in the past 24 months.

“I just really want people to know that missing people, it’s an awful life to live, because you do not know what happened. You’re stuck in a situation that’s not easy,” said Dave’s wife Karla Schroeder.

Karla is working with a state lawmaker on a bill to help find missing adults in the state. She says of the nearly 1,000 missing people in Wisconsin 300 are adults.