Missing man’s body found in python

An Indonesian farmer was found dead on Sunday after being swallowed whole by a python, a local police spokesperson tells CNN.

Police say 25-year-old Akbar was reported missing on Sunday after he went to his family’s palm oil plantation in West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

A local police department spokesperson, Mashura, told CNN that they searched the area along with villagers, and found a large python that was hardly moving in a ditch near the plantation. He says the snake’s stomach was so big that it made them suspicious, so they killed the snake and opened its stomach where they found Akbar’s dead body, still fully clothed.

“This is the first case in this region where a big python killed and swallowed an adult,” Mashura told CNN.

Villagers said the length of the snake was around seven meters. In total, villagers told police that they found three big snakes over the last two years.

Note: It is common for Indonesians to only go by one name.