Missing pet lizard found after nearly a month on loose

Against seemingly all odds, a missing 3 ½-foot pet lizard that went missing nearly a month ago in Massachusetts was found safe and sound.

Wilmington, Massachusetts, resident Liz Rose told The Sun of Lowell, Massachusetts, that her Argentine black and white tegu lizard named Tiggs escaped his outdoor enclosure on July 31.

Rose, who has owned the 4-year-old omnivorous reptile since he was a hatching, spent time crawling through nearby woods looking for her pet and even set traps using chicken and quail eggs without any luck.

Then on Sunday a neighbor spotted Tiggs and chased him into a shed before calling Rose.

Despite the lizard’s adventures on the loose, he didn’t seem much worse for wear apart being really skinny, Rose told The Sun.

“I was in shock,” she told the newspaper of Tiggs’ discovery after nearly a month. “I think I’m still in shock. Relief. I feel nothing but relief. I’m so happy he’s back.”