Mississippi River projected to crest for fourth time Memorial Day Weekend

Mike McCabe has been living on the river in La Crescent for almost 30 years.

“This one’s an exception; it’s getting a little long now.”

Mike hasn’t seen a flood season last this long before, which means he has to keep putting work into his basement.

“I got it all cleaned up now, I kind of don’t want to see it come back again, because it’s very clean right now.”

What’s kept Mike from reclaiming his basement is the result of record rain and snow.

“It’s been a combination of how wet it was in 2018 through winter with the heavy snow we had, plus this wet spring. Even in a normal weather pattern we just don’t get these long dry periods that we really need right now,” explained Todd Shea, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

The flood is the talk of Mike’s neighborhood.

“That really dominated the conversation up on shore acres. ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘Do you have enough time to prepare?’ and ‘Do you need any help?'” elaborated Kate Dunnum, La Crescent resident.

Help that mike is happy to provide.

“We have some wonderful neighbors that have a great deal of experience on precautions,” added Dunnum.

“I’m retired but it gives me something to do,” explained Mike.

Although this year has been difficult, Mike wouldn’t trade living on the river for anything.

“I like it on the river, it’s beautiful here in the summertime, and winter’s not so good anywhere around here.”

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