Mobile protest over death of George Floyd organized by Winona area faith leaders

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT)– Protesters drove around Winona Sunday night in a show of solidarity. The Winona Interfaith Council encouraged people to support those who are hurting over the murder of George Floyd.

About 100 cars and bikers met up in the Winona Senior High School parking lot around 4 p.m. They then drove through the city, ending again at the high school.

Organizers hope that people can understand how racism can also affect education, economic and health systems.

“The racism in our country and the things that we’re trying to fix here– it’s not just one moment. It’s not just one crime. It’s countless incidents of brutality. It’s countless systems that keep people in a subjective position. We need to stand for justice in all of those ways today and every day,” said Amanda Hedlund, a protester and Winona resident.

The superintendent of the school district also participated in the mobile protest, along with other staff members. That included members of the diversity and equity council.

She said Floyd’s death impacted her greatly because she knows others in the community are struggling.

“We are here as a school district to help this. We know we have some issues that we have to address. We’re working on those things and we will continue to address them and make sure our school district and our community are safe for everybody– and that everybody matters,” said Annette Freiheit, superintendent for Winona Area Public Schools.

Faith leaders said they are going to be putting together a public art display using the signs that people leave behind.