‘Moms Helping Moms’: Mayo Clinic Health System nurses use parental experience to help new moms

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – Nurses inside Mayo Clinic Health System’s family birth place help new moms welcome newborns into the world. These health care leaders also prepare new parents for the challenges that lie ahead.

Some of these nurses are moms themselves. They’ll tell you that helps when teaching new parents the ropes.

“We get the gift of helping moms become moms. A lot of us are moms ourselves,” said Karizma Maxson, nursing leader at the family birth center at Mayo Clinic Health System. “I feel like that is one of the greatest blessings and gifts that we can give to our patients. Just to be there with them in their most vulnerable time to help them into one of the greatest, but hardest phases that they will ever get to experience in life.”

“It’s so surreal. You can do so much education, but until you are a mom and can give that experience that you’ve gone through, I feel that really helps connect with your patients,” said Taylar Schoh, a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System. Schoh spoke to News 8 Now in November of 2020 when she welcomed her first daughter during the pandemic.

“Me personally, having such empathy, I can kind of give more grace to my kids at home,” said Kimberly Zielke, a licensed practical nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System.

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