Monday, July 4th has been declared an Alert Day – Erik Dean

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Good Morning! Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July weekend. If you have plans to head down to Riverfest, overall it’s shaping up to be another nice day. We do have a -small- rain chance in the forecast, but I wouldn’t cancel your outdoor plans by any means.

8 8 Am

The 8-8 shows where we may have a rain chance in the forecast for the afternoon hours. Albeit a small one, the chance is there nonetheless. Let me reiterate; it’s nothing to cancel your outdoor plans over. Just keep the raingear handy just in case.

And now we have an issue.  Overnight, the Storm Prediction Center threw us under a SLIGHT risk for severe weather (Level 2 out of 5)
Spc Day 2 Bill


I want to use SkyTracker to help you plan your 4th of July. Here’s 5 AM. Cloud cover is heavy, maybe some rain across the News 8 Now Viewing Area. Otherwise that’s about it.

By 8 AM, the majority of us will see some rain. A stray thunderstorm or two isn’t out of the question.


By Noon: we get a break. Here’s my concern with this; do the clouds exit and cause our temperatures to rise, or will it act as a blanket and keep us cool? I think we will get somewhat of a break to allow temps to soar back into the 80s.


So once we get that break, we will see another wave push its way through the Coulee Region bringing us another thunderstorm chance in the evening hours going into Tuesday. This is something that we really need to keep an eye on and for that reason, we have declared Monday an Alert Day.Fc3

DETAILED FORECAST: After Monday, we hover right around Normal which is 86 and we keep the t-storm chances in the forecast. The bottom line, I would get a Plan “B” Ready on Monday as a precaution in case you get under a thunderstorm. Also make sure you have the FREE News 8 Now Weather App to receive the latest information on incoming weather.
Today Forecast
Tonight Forecast 8 Day Pm

Enjoy your Sunday!

-Erik Dean