Monroe County recognizes Vietnam Veterans decades after the war

March 29th is national Vietnam War Veterans Day

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT)- It was on this day in 1973, the last American combat troops left Vietnam.  March 29th is national Vietnam War Veterans Day. 

 The names of the dead still rest heavy on the hearts of their brothers in arms. Along with the toll, of fighting in an unpopular war. “No matter what they done they all gone through hell.”, says Robert Whitacre. The 90 year old  served on the battlefields of Vietnam, saluted his brothers who didn’t make it home, and still stands shoulder to shoulder, with those who did.  Men and women, who some 50 years later, are finally being welcomed home.  “This is a long time coming.”, says Monroe County Veterans Services Officer Charles Weaver.

March 29th is national Vietnam War Veterans Day. Ahonor, signed into law decades after the war ended, and in time to recognize the thousands of Vietnam vets living in Monroe county. “The gave the ultimate gift to this country, no matter what some people believe.”, says Weaver.
The salute to service is humbling and all these men and women have wanted. Recognition and a community to welcome them home.