Montello woman believes puppies were stolen

Five young puppies went missing from a Montello family home Saturday.

Jodi Deford said she believes the 7-week-old golden retriever puppies — four males and one female — were stolen from her home. 

“Seven people have searched for 4 1/2 hours within a 3 mile radius,” she said. “There’s no way these dogs, never going more than 25-30 feet away from my garage, in the back of my house, would have taken off.”

Deford said the apparent theft occurred around 7:15 a.m. Saturday. Her house is a mile north of John Muir Park.

The puppies have some distinguishing features, including white feet – a trait not many retrievers have. Deford and her family have called humane societies withing 50 miles, along with local veterinarians. She is asking folks to keep an eye out on Craigslist or other websites where the puppies might pop up for sale.

Deford cried as she asked for help from the community in finding the puppies. 

“It’s hard. How do you tell your kid that you’re never going to see these puppies again?” she said.

“The people that we had promised these dogs to are in the same boat we are. They came to see these dogs numerous times since they were born and got attached to them. So how do you take that from someone? I don’t understand.”