‘Mop Dog’ play incites imagination in kids, adults

Final showing of play at Children's Museum

A new attraction is bringing theater to the La Crosse Children’s Museum.

‘Mop Dog’ is a whimsical tale about a janitor playing with her mop when it comes to life as a dog, followed by other objects turning into animals. The final showing of the play was at the Children’s Museum Sunday.

The story inspires audience members to be playful and see potential in everything.

“It’s an imaginative show for all ages, so whether you’re 2 or 65 or in between, the idea is to promote kind of a whimsical way of looking at things and to promote joy and also delight in objects coming to life,” said Mop Dog Creator Eric Van Wyk

Wonderstruck Theater, the producers of the show, plans to return with a new show each year.