More affordable housing available in La Crosse Co.

ROCKLAND, Wis. — There is more affordable housing in La Crosse County. Couleecap has finished phase two of its housing development plan.

The organization just completed three duplexes in Rockalnd which are available for rent at a reduced price.

Couleecap hopes the duplexes not only provide affordable housing, but also spark other development in the area.


Phase one of the project was four single-family homes, but Couleecap wanted phase two to focus on renters. “Home ownership is not for everybody, not everybody’s ready, not everybody wants to for example maybe your credit needs some repair or maybe you just transfered to the area and you’re not 100% sure that Rockland is where you want to buy a house, but maybe you want to try renting it for a while, so we wanted to provide a variety of opportunity between home ownership and rental,” said Todd Mandel from Couleecap.

Phase three of the project will be four additional single-family homes which Couleecap hopes to have complete by this fall.