Morrissey denies supporting Spacey, Weinstein

Singer Morrissey took to Facebook on Monday in an apparent attempt to set the record straight after he was criticized over reports that said he defended the alleged actions of Hollywood men accused of sexual assault and harassment.

In November, German magazine Der Spiegel published its interview with the singer, which reportedly included comments that appear to defend Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein over alleged sexual misconduct.

In a Facebook statement titled “The Slander System,” the British singer took a swipe at Der Spiegel and called for the “unchopped, unfiddled-with audio” of his interview with the publication.

“A few weeks ago I foolishly allowed Germany’s Der Spiegel into my life,” he wrote. “Since they eagerly flew from beloved Berlin to beloved Los Angeles in order to talk and laugh, I assumed a common understanding.”

Morrissey continued: “Would I kill Donald Trump? No, never. Would I support Kevin Spacey’s private proclivities? No, never. Would I ever support abuse of children? No, never. Would I support sexual harassment? No, never. Would I support rape? No, never. Would Der Spiegel convey my views fairly? No, never. Would I ever again speak to print media? No, never.”

Morrissey did not say in his statement how he was slandered, which is the act of damaging a person’s reputation with a false spoken statement. Libel, on the other hand, is the act of damaging a person’s reputation with a written or published false statement.

CNN has reached out to Morrissey’s representatives for comment and clarification.

In the Der Spiegel article published last month, the musician was quoted as saying, “People know exactly what’s going on and they play along.”

“Afterwards, they feel embarrassed or disliked,” he reportedly said. “And then they turn it around and say: ‘I was attacked, I was surprised.'”

“But if everything went well, and if it had given them a great career, they would not talk about it,” the story also reportedly quoted him as saying. “I hate rape… But in many cases, one looks at the circumstances and thinks that the person who is considered a victim is merely disappointed.”

There was immediate backlash, including an expletive-filled tweet from the alternative rock band Garbage.

Spacey said in October that he didn’t recall the incident, but apologized after actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making a sexual advance toward him in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey was 26. The “House of Cards” star apologized for what he said would have been “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”

Weinstein, through a spokeswoman, has repeatedly denied “any allegations of nonconsensual sex” after two exposs published in October revealed decades of alleged sexual misconduct by the movie producer, including rape accusations.

After Der Spiegel published its interview, The Sunday Times published an article that seemed to corroborate Morrissey’s statements to the German publication.

“You must be careful as far as ‘sexual harassment’ is concerned, because often it can be just a pathetic attempt at courtship,” he was reported as saying. “I’m sure it’s horrific, but we have to keep everything in proportion. Do you not agree? I have never been sexually harassed, I might add.”

Morrissey said in his Facebook statement that he requested but has not received the audio file of his interview with the magazine.

CNN has reached out to Der Spiegel for comment.