Motorcycle safety taught by ‘The REF’

Transportable High End Rider Education Facility comes to La Crosse area

Motorcyclists had the chance to learn a little bit about the vehicle they take for rides Saturday.

The Transportable High End Rider Education Facility also known as “The REF” made a stop in our area to teach the public about motorcycle safety. It was open and free to anyone that wanted to attend.

Riders could try out a simulator to learn more about safety during traffic. First time riders could even get a glimpse of what it’s like to ride a motorcycle.

“We talk about safety. We equip you with the proper gear. You get on the bike and then you just kind of paddle walk it around a little bit. We don’t let you lift up your feet because then you’re riding it and we’re not a riding class. But then you make the decision do I want to continue with this or is this something that I really want nothing to do with,” said Motorcycle Safety Program Community Services Specialist Bill Murphy.

To learn more about “The REF” or about motorcycle safety you can go to