Motorcyclists raise money for child victims of burns

Fire and Iron Station 113 held annual Burn Camp Motorcycle Ride

Local firefighters jumped on their motorcycles Saturday to help raise money for children who have been injured in a fire.

The Fire and Iron Station 113 held their annual Burn Camp Motorcycle Ride.

The station is made up of firefighters and other fire service members who enjoy riding motorcycles as well as helping their communities.

More than 100 motorcyclists attended the event, supporting and donating to help kids that have suffered severe burns go to summer camp.

“These kids, significantly burned and injured youth, go through a lot of stigma because of their burns and stuff like that, and they get to get together with other kids that have gone through the same thing, and they can share their feelings and they’re all the same,” said Fire and Iron Station 113 President Ryan “Ogre” Smith.

Money raised at the event will help kids go to the burn camp.

If you would like to help send these kids to camp just email the station at