Movie theater is popular tradition on Christmas Day

General manager says it gets busier every year

The movie theater is becoming a holiday tradition for many families in the area.

Every year, a variety of big blockbuster movies are released around the holidays, making the theater a big hit for the families. One general manager said the popularity seems to grow every year.

“It’s a routine for a lot of these guests that come in. They have been doing it for quite sometime, probably since they were little with their families,” said James Bryan, general manager at Marcus Theatres in La Crosse.

News 8 caught up with some of the movie-goers on Thursday to see why they decided to head to the theater on Christmas day.

“It’s our first Christmas with an empty house so we decided to enjoy the movies,” said Sharon and John Sparks.

“We do our extended family on Christmas eve, so on Christmas day we look for something untraditional,” said Pauline and Leah Meyer.

Bryan expects the theatres to be packed until kids head back to school in the New Year.