Municipalities cancel request for residents to run water

Request was in place to keep pipes from freezing

Some municipalities are now telling residents they can stop running water constantly at a pencil-sized stream.

In February, about two dozen municipalities asked area residents to run a pencil-sized stream day and night during an extreme cold streak to keep the pipes clear.

Here’s the list of municipalities that have told us it’s okay for residents to stop running water at a pencil stream:

City of Blair
Village of West Salem
City Viroqua
City of Westby
Village of LaFarge
Village of Coon Valley
City of Elroy
City of New Lisbon
City of Galesville
Village of Stoddard
City of Sparta
Village of Cashton
Village of Melvina

On Wednesday, April 9, the City of La Crosse Utilities Office will mail letters to almost 220 customers who were requested or instructed to run water to prevent freeze-up problems with their water and/or services.

Check with your local municipality to see if they are still requesting that you run your water.

If you’re an administrator of an area municipality and would like to be added to this list, contact our newsroom at (608) 784-7897 or email