Naked Trump bobbleheads now on sale

Just in time for the inauguration of Donald Trump comes the Naked Trump bobblehead.

A Las Vegas artist by the name of Joshua “Ginger” Monroe created the Naked Trump statues a few months ago for the American anarchist art collective known as INDECLINE.

The bobbleheads were marketed on the Las Vegas Strip.

Life-size versions of the statue popped up in five major cities and in downtown Las Vegas in September 2016.

The statues created quite a stir and made headlines around the world. Some of the statues can be found in art galleries or were purchased at auction. Others were stolen or vandalized, including the one in Las Vegas.

Nine-inch bobbleheads, which were made in China, are currently on sale on Amazon and eBay for $30 to $35, including shipping. A 3-inch version is also available for $5.

The bobbleheads can also be purchased at