National gender equality continues to improve

US ranks in the top 20 nations worldwide for equality

The nation’s gender gap is getting smaller.

That’s based on a global gender gap index from the World Economic forum.

The US has moved back into the top 20 countries for gender equality. It moved up three spots to 20th in the latest rankings.

The study takes into consideration things like political participation and empowerment, income, and education. Overall, the US has stayed pretty consistent in the rankings over the years and some say that consistency isn’t necessarily a good thing.

“We took a leap forward in the 1970’s and we’ve slid backwards on a lot of measures, partly because the leap forward that we took was the result of a massive social movement,” said Deb Hoskins, of UW-La Crosse’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Department.

Nordic countries are leading the world in promoting gender equality, taking the top five spots.

Top Worldwide Rankings: