Neighbors help La Crosse police make drug arrest

Complaints pointed to drug activity on 5th Ave. S.

Neighborhood residents helped La Crosse police arrest a 30-year-old man on drug charges.

La Crosse Neighborhood Response Officers received complaints from residents, which pointed police to possible drug activity at 907 5th Avenue South.

On Tuesday, May 20, Neighborhood Response Officers Nathan Poke and Dan Ulrich, along with members of the Investigative Services Bureau, arrested Jacob R. Lewis after he sold methamphetamine to a police confidential informant.

Lewis was arrested on the following charges:

Two counts of felony delivery of methamphetamine

Felony possession of a controlled substance

Three counts of bail jumping

Possession of THC

Local outstanding warrant

La Crosse police said the arrest would not have been possible without collaboration between neighborhood residents and Neighborhood Response Officers.