Netflix will crack down on password-sharing starting in 2023

(CNN) — Netflix apparently has a plan in place to crackdown on password sharing, starting next year. 

The streaming giant shared more details of its plan during Tuesday’s earning report. 

The company says the two features it started testing earlier this year to combat shared accounts will be broadly implemented in 2023. 

Back in March, Netflix started testing “extra member” and “profile transfer” features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. 

The “profile transfer” feature allows users to transfer their current profiles to a new paid account. 

For those who want to continue to share their account with family and friends, the “extra member” option allows users to create sub-accounts under their main account for an additional fee. 

No word on what that fee would be, but during the testing it cost around $3 in Costa Rica. 

Netflix also reported Tuesday that it gained 2.4 million subscribers in its third quarter which far exceeded expectations. 

They say they will also likely add 4.5 million subscribers in their next quarter.