New campaign aims to attract people to move to La Crosse

LA CROSSE — The La Crosse Chamber of Commerce and the County Community Development Department have partnered to launch a Talent Attraction Campaign called Thrive in La Crosse to people to move to La Crosse for jobs.

“You name the job in the industry, there’s the availability right now” said Neal Zygarlicke, the Chamber’s CEO.

People will receive advertisements about La Crosse while they are scrolling through social media sites, watching television or browsing the internet.

“What we want to do is have them click to learn a little bit more and then find out details about our area and about the great jobs we have here,” Zygarlicke said.

People can fill out an application with their skills and be matched with a human resource partner.

“Getting in front of the business community to make sure their HR directors and managing partners are aware of the campaign, are aware of the assets that have been developed to help pull talent in,” said community development specialist Brian Fukuda.

The campaign will be used to address the hiring shortages businesses are facing.

“I know all of our businesses in the county are struggling with finding the workforce that they need to keep operations level and growing,” said Fukuda.

The campaign hopes to attract residents to La Crosse by promoting the nature the area has to offer.

“Usually, you can be walking hiking biking or out on the river within 5-10 minutes of your home,” Zygarlicke said.

As well as the quality of life.

“If you look at that video and you don’t want to live here, i think someone needs to check your pulse,” Fukuda said.

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