New face on the bench in La Crosse Co. circuit court

Gloria Doyle takes over for retiring judge Dale Pasell

La Crosse County has a new face on the bench in its circuit court.

Gloria Doyle was sworn in Monday as the newest judge.

She beat out prosecutor Brian Barton for the seat with more than 50% of the vote in April’s election.

She’s taking over for former judge Dale Pasell who retired last year. He actually swore-in Doyle.

For the past nine years, Doyle served as the county’s Family Court Commissioner.

She says Monday was a weight off of her shoulders. “I was very much looking forward to this day for the last 4 1/2 months, once I knew I won the election, but had not yet taken office. It certainly is a relief to have started the job and to be, you know, engaging in the aspirations that I’ve had for so long.”

Doyle will preside over her first case this Friday.