New leadership at Family and Children’s Center


LA CROSSE, Wis. — A new year comes with new leadership for La Crosse’s Family and Children’s Center.

CEO and President John Burgess is stepping down January 1st.

Taking his place is the Center’s Chief Program Officer Mike Boehm.

The Center’s programs serve everyone from newborns to seniors and Boehm has seen a lot of changes in his 16 years at the Center.

He says the latest challenge for the agency is dealing with state and federal budget cuts.

“That’s putting more pressure on us to be more creative, more innovative with our services and our programs. Need has never been greater with children and families. Our job is to be creative and innovative and keep finding ways to get those services to the people who need them,” said Boehm.

In the meantime Burgess will continue in a part-time role focusing on the Family and Children Center’s external relations.