New learning tool comes to Holmen Middle School students

Chromebooks handed out to eighth graders to enhance learning

Educational efforts are being recognized and honored throughout the country for American Education Week, and the School District of Holmen is pushing their efforts even further.

Holmen provided each of their eighth grade students with a new, personalized Chromebook Monday. The hope is that the Chromebooks will allow students to have their own learning environments.

This is all thanks to the 2015 spring referendum that passed, and the hope is it will develop a constant conversation between the students and teachers.

“I think that this puts, at the power of our teachers, the ability to say ‘I don’t think they got it today. Hey, let’s change things up for tomorrow, and let’s push this out to the students and share this with them,’ so that that feedback can be instant and they can be learning right away,” said Holmen Middle School Principal Ryan Vogler.

The devices will be collected at the end of the year for any updates and given back to the same students at the start of their freshman year.