New medical technique may stave off shoulder surgery

There is another procedure that uses ultrasound technology
Mayo Clinic Health System

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A new, non-evasive medical procedure could allow people to fix a common problem, without surgery. Your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body.

The older you get, you may begin to feel some pain. Calcific tendonitis occurs when calcium builds up in the tendons of your arm.

Rest, physical therapy and certain medicines can often fix the problem. The final treatment option is usually surgery.

There is another procedure that uses ultrasound technology. This new procedure adds a new short recovering option to surgery.

“They can see this procedure as another option that’s available to them. That by and large will provide definitive treatment. If on those rare occasions it doesn’t, they do not lose the option for a full-on surgical procedure in the operating room,” said Dr. Jacob Erickson, a Sports Medicine Physician at Mayo Clinic Health System.

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