New Northside Elementary School inspires neighborhood

Logan Northside Neighborhood Association formed to strengthen community

There’s quite the buzz in La Crosse surrounding the new Northside Elementary School.

Residents in that part of town are hoping to build off that excitement to create a stronger sense of community throughout their neighborhoods.

The renewed sense of community has residents coming together to create a new neighborhood association. About two dozen people have formed the Logan Northside Neighborhood Association. The group is so new they are still trying to get to know one another and members say that’s the first step in improving their neighborhood.

“I think it’s important for people to find ways to take ownership in their neighborhood. Maybe it just starts on their block, it starts with their immediate neighbor, to know their immediate neighbor, to know when they’re on vacation and to watch their house when they’re on vacation,” said Logan Northside Neighborhood Association Member Derek Mueller.

Right now the new Logan Northside Neighborhood Association is beginning to set goals. Members say they will be asking neighbors what issues they would like to see addressed