New partnership is making opioid overdose-reversing drug available at UW campuses

Includes UW-La Crosse campus

A drug commonly used to reverse opioid overdoses is being made available on nine University of Wisconsin campuses.

The UW system is partnering with the pharmaceutical company Adapt Pharma to supply Narcan to the campuses, including U-W La Crosse.

The Police Department on La Crosse’s campus says it has been using Narcan as a standard tool for about 18 months, but the new partnership adds another way to get the drug free of charge.

“Right now, knock on wood, we have not had any situations that we’ve had to use Narcan. It’s because of things that have happened i9n the past, that was one of the reasons why we wanted to make sure we had it as a tool,” said UW-La Crosse Police Department Detective Chris Schuster.

Adapt Pharma says it has brought Narcan to more than 200 campuses in the US since its partnership program launched in April. The company has also provided more the 5,000 free doses of the drug to high schools across the country.