New ‘People’s Flag of La Crosse’ unveiled on Flag Day

Chosen among 70 submissions

The city of La Crosse has a new flag.

The flag was chosen among 70 artist submissions and was revealed this morning as part of the “People’s Flag of La Crosse” project. The winning design shows the sun peaking over the bluffs and river.

The project was put on by several groups including Downtown Mainstreet, Artspire and the La Crosse School District.

“We hope that this flag will be adopted by the people of La Crosse as the flag moving forward. So, really building into a symbol that our community can rally behind, a symbol of pride in our community, and something that people will want to fly outside of their houses and their businesses,” said Artspire Co-Chair Brian Fukuda.

The flag is intended to connect the people of La Crosse through a shared symbol of unity and togetherness, and promote La Crosse’s creative culture.