New study shows bladder issues are common among women

LA CROSSE (WKBT)–Bladder issues are becoming a common issue among women.

One recent study shows that one in four women over the age of 20 have issues with bladder issues.

This is especially common for women who have had children and women over 40.

While these problems can be more common as you age… Issues can happen at any time.

“They are more common in people who are in their 40s, 50s, and older, but they can happen in younger people for various reasons,” said dr. Olivia Cardenas-Trowers, an ob-gyn from Mayo Clinic Health System. “And so if you’re experiencing that, I would encourage you to talk to your primary care provider about it.”

If you’re experiencing bladder concerns, doctors recommend changing your diet, doing timed voiding, bladder-holding technique, and pelvic floor exercises.

And in more serious cases, they also recommend surgery.