New task force in La Crosse Co. to crack down on impaired drivers

Extra patrols being added

Cracking down on impaired drivers is the focus of La Crosse County’s newest task force.

Local law enforcement are teaming up to add extra patrols looking for people driving under the influence on some of the area’s major corridors.

The manpower is being funded by several grants.

What makes the task force unique is the La Crosse County Health Department is also a part of the group. It plans to up its education efforts.

“It really is a public health issue when we have people who are harming themselves or others because of impaired driving, or reckless driving, or speed-related accidents or not wearing their seat belts,” said Paula Silha with the health department.

“This is an effort where everybody benefits by the targeted goal of reduction,” said Bob Bott from the Bureau of Transportation Safety.

Extra law enforcement patrols start later this week and will run through September.