News 8 Eye Piece: Amazing Maize

Lose yourself in the Hidden Trails Corn Maze

Fall in Wisconsin is rich with tradition.

They range from picking your own pumpkin and carving it to raking leaves into a pile that no kid can resist jumping into.

In this week’s Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt catches up with a group of preschoolers from Children’s Treehouse in Holmen, taking part in one more of our midwest autumn traditions at the Hidden Trails Corn Maze in West Salem.

“Go with your group. Nope, we didn’t find any.”

“We bring our kids out here once a year, so we’ve been coming here, pretty much since it opened. So about five years now,” said Daisha Rand, of Children’s Treehouse Childcare and Preschool. “Every time we say we’re going to the corn maze, they start jumping up and down and they get excited.”

“We have an ABC maze and we actually hide the letters of the alphabet out in the corn and then the small daycares, the kindergartens, the 4k’s they come out and they find the missing alphabet in the maze,” said Hidden Trails Corn Maze Owner Bret Miller.

“Can you reach it?”

“A! V! “

“What letter is that?”


“The letter V. Good job.”

“Two. I found V and G,” said four-year-old Brianna Jensen.

“They’re all pretty excited. They’re, some of them really good at finding the letters and we have letters that spend the night in the corn maze,” said Miller.

“Yes, we lost the L there for a while. So, hopefully, somebody will find the L. Maybe our next group that goes into the corn maze will be able to find the letter L for us,” said Rand.

“Someone will find them,” said Brianna.

“I want to eat some corn!”

“Me too!”

“Judy, are you finding any?”

If you want to get lost this fall Hidden Trails is located on Highway 16 and is open to the public seven days a week.