News 8 Eye Piece: Apple Pies

The secret process of pie making revealed

Applefest is in full swing in La Crescent and one of the favorite parts for many is the volunteers baking hundreds of pies.

Thursday they showed off a two foot pie. Friday, Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma follows the process of making 500 pies in this week’s News 8 Eye Piece.

“I’ve been here fifteen minutes and I almost got it down. Another fifteen years and I’ll be good.”

“Joe, your coffee’s brewing.”

“Thank you.”

“Here’s an odd shaped one, lets see what it does. Look at that, just like I knew what I was doing.”

“So, there’s 49 pies available at ten o’clock. First come, first served. So, I came at eight o’clock, and figured if I worked a couple hours I might get one of those 49.”

“Everything had to be organized so that when they came in today they just sit down and start whatever they’re doing.”

“John, you’ll probably have to add a little more water. These are good. Now you are doing fine.”

“Am I? Maybe I should leave then.”

“It’s a good time. It’s a single event where we all get together and talk with people we maybe don’t know very well. It’s good fellowship. The best part is the camaraderie, with the people. And lunch. Lunch is always good.”


The big secret in the process we didn’t get our hands on was the recipe. We’ll probably have to volunteer next year to get a taste of that.