News 8 Eye Piece: Coffee Stop

Start your day off with some warmth

A hot cup of coffee is part of many morning routines, either home brewed or picked up at a coffee shop.

In this week’s News 8 Eye Piece Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma shows us one business with a unique drive thru for people to start their days.

“Triple hot coconut white?”

“Better once I have my coffee.”

“Hi there.”

“I think it is one of those things that sets us apart from other coffee shops. You know, when you have a microphone system you’re not able to meet a customer.”

“And one double vanilla latte.”

“We’re able to go out there and meet somebody and actually create a relationship based on the fact that we’re recommending a drink or asking them how there day is.”

“I liked it a lot though, the workers come out take your order and by the time your up to the window.”

“Good Morning.”

“You’re all taken care of.”

“Can I get a refill?”


“In my mug?”

“Sure, What kind of coffee would you like?”

“Just house.”

“Any cream or sugar in it?”

“Just black.”

“Its just fun to go out and great them in the morning instead of just say listen to their voice over an intercom, you know.”

“I like it. um. They’re really good about coming out and getting the order. And getting it, getting it out right away.”

“Triple house with cream and sugar.”

“That’s the stuff.”

That’s Moka in La Crosse on West Avenue. It opens at 5:30 on weekdays and 6 on weekends.