News 8 Eye Piece: Finding the Perfect Pitch

A group of area high school a cappella singers had a big opportunity to perform in Madison Thursday with a nationally-know group.

As News 8 photographer Greg White shows us in this week’s News 8 Eye Piece, for the members of G-E-T’s Vocal Point, it takes a lot of practice to be pitch perfect.

“Oh yea, it’s definitely like a family. From day one, we have that mentality,” said baritone Alex Sill. “After our first rehearsal, in the summer, we actually went and saw a movie. I don’t remember what movie it was, but it was such a good time I don’t think it mattered which one it was.”

“It’s definitely a really cool feeling, when you’re performing and you know that you’ve got to give it your all and everything just goes perfectly as planned and it’s just a great feeling to know that everybody is on and you don’t have to worry about or stress over anything. It’s just a really good feeling,” said McKenzie Mahlum.

“Yea, especially when that happens, everybody in the group kind of knows it. You can see it, some people are giving each other looks and you can hear it, and that makes everybody just relax,” said Sill. “And those are usually the best performances that we ever have.”

Mahlum said, “they’ll ask, what is a cappella, exactly? And we’ll bring up the movie to explain it sometimes and we’ll be like it’s kind of like ‘Pitch Perfect.'”

“Especially with contemporary a cappella, we’re singing a lot of pop songs that you here on the radio and things like that that have guitars and drum sets and bass guitars and everything from piano and we’re doing all of that with the human voice,” said Sill.

“It’s a great feeling, everybody’s in the same boat as you, so you all are kind of feeling the same thing. You’re all just in that good place and just feeling really proud of yourself and just whatever happens, you’re all in it together,” said Mahlum.

More big performances are on the way for Vocal Point, they’ll be heading to Memphis in April to perform at the National A Cappella Convention.